Coaching Programs

“Our life experiences shape but they do not need to define us.”
– Jennifer Britt

Coaching is a strategic alliance that helps people focus on the things that are contributing to their being stuck, find and apply powerful solutions, and then move beyond them.

Life by Design coaching program is an intensive 1:1 Premium Private Coaching program.

I use a simple process – with profound results – to help you craft a life that makes your heart and soul sing:

  • First, we explore your your key life challenges. What are the major themes and how have they served your soul’s larger purpose?
  • Next, we define your soul’s path & purpose by accessing your divine blueprint. What are you here to experience, express and contribute as a magnificent soul having a human experience?
  • Finally, I provide structured support to help you navigate the inevitable ‘between’ while navigation the transition from ‘here’ to ‘there.’

Life by Design‘ coaching program includes:

– 2-Hour Discovery Session, which creates a roadmap for how we will work together
– Private intensive coaching and healing sessions each month for 6 or 12 months via phone or Zoom, *also offered in person
– Unlimited email access between sessions
– Between session *just in time* phone calls for additional support, encouragement
– Personalized homework assignments that are specifically designed to help you make powerful changes and be an active co-participant in your growth and the transformational process, and align you more fully with your soul’s purpose
– *VIP Breakthrough Day to focus intensively on creating massive transformation in the areas you need most
– An intention to continue until you feel complete


VIP Breakthrough Day

Work with me virtually or in person for a half-day or a full day, or several days in a row to augment our work together in a private coaching program OR to work intensively on a specific area in order to create the breakthrough you desire.

Contact me for scheduling options and investment information.

Wondering which program might be your next best step?

Request a 30-minute private complimentary session to explore how we might work together.

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