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As we walked through the chateau, John Thomas pointing out various pieces of the family history to me, I started asking for more. I wanted to truly feel the full experience. The romantic side of me could dream up a million different stories, but I wanted something tangible.

Walking into the office he asked if I wanted to see the ship’s logs. Excitedly I said yes and waited to see exactly what would transpire.

Out came the old leather-bound books!


The entries in the log include information about the voyage to Japan.  It is dated 1888 and has hand-drawn maps of their route through the Caribbean.

The logs also listed all of the crew members and their pay, gave the names of the different vessels (the ships were named chateaus also), and had information about all of the different countries that were visited. I was holding a piece of history in my hands!

An antique book from 125 years ago. I could just imagine the ship’s captain scribbing all of the information using a quill and ink well. The months that it took to travel to the destinations - I could only imagine how different the world was and how they felt sailing into port.
I love holding history in my hands and hearing the bits and pieces of trivia that have been passed down through the family. In each country I have visited, something has given me an “Indian Jones” type moment that makes my journey more memorable. The history at Chateau Vignol gave me that satisfaction for my visit to France.

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