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On the eve of Nyepi, the ogoh-ogoh, huge mythological beings, are paraded through the streets of Bali to ward off evil spirits. I made certain that I was IN Bali in time for this festival.
Daily offerings at seen at every intersection in Bali, that is where the evil spirits are said to lurk. During the parade, the ogoh-ogoh circle 3 times at each intersection to chase the spirits away. I walked the parade route following the dancing and fun. Silent day may follow the next day, but the night of the Ngrupuk Parade it is loud, wild and crazy!
To see the fun and craziness that happens along the parade route, you have to see the video that I put together. Shy me got right into the middle of it all and ended up walking the entire parade route. It shows highlights of my favorite group of all of the villages that were in the parade in Ubud. Yes, every so often they stop, put the big monster down, and do a bit of dancing in the streets!
I managed to get shot by Cupid too!

The forms of Ogoh-ogoh represent the Bhuta-Kala

Bhuta: eternal energy

Kala: eternal time

I spent the day of the parade touring around checking out all of the various statues that had been created. The artist who put these together have crazy, cool talent. The Macy's Day Parade organizers should talk to the talent here to get some ideas and input. Seriously, these guys are amazing!
The following day the entire island of Bali observes Silent Day - no work, talking, tv, computers or leaving the house. They don't even let airplanes land! Starting at 6am, until the following day at 6 am, it is a time of self-reflection. A day to meditate, reflect and fast. I managed one and a half of the three. Did not manage to remain silent. Work was put on hold (only had to remind myself twice not to think about it).
The celebrations were spectacular! Evil spirits were chased away from the island. The vibe here is cleared and ready for the Bali 1932 New Year.


Three New Years celebrations in one year = Fantastic Fun!

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