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Being in Nepal has made me realize how much I have missed teaching. At the invitation of friends, I visited a variety of schools which has opened my eyes to their education system...teaching English to adults and singing the ABC song with the 1st graders has fired me up!
Instead of digging ponds, because it was raining that morning and digging in mud is no fun, I went to the school with Rajan and helped with his class.
Ok, so I kinda took over and started singing off key. I've completely lost my voice. I never realized how much I kept it tuned up by driving around in the car singing at the top of my lungs...loved it, not certain if the folks in the cars next to me did! The kids had never heard the ABC song before, five warbly tries later I had the class divided in half and they were competing to see who could sing it the loudest!
Then they started getting up in front of the class one-by-one and singing it outloud. If I wouldn't have killed my phone the night before by drowning it in milk tea, I would have videoed it for you. Darn slippery fingers!
I took a break and went to peek in on the other classes.
The students were buzzing trying to figure out what I was doing!

Then I came back into Banepa and went with my friend Angie to see her school. The kindergardeners there were the cutest! The little boy that I was holding was the tiniest little thing! I almost threw him over my head when I reached down to get him because he was so light. As you have seen from some of the pictures I'm as tall as most of the men here. Nepalese are much tinier than Americans.
Then over to another school in Banepa where I dropped in on every single class. It is an English-speaking school and the Headmaster wanted me to talk in front of all of them. The funniest was someone asking me to speak more slowly and my response was, "but I'm Southern, I'm already speaking slowly."
The class of 5th graders went nuts over me and made me signing autographs before I could leave the room. That's the first time in my life that I have ever signed an autograph. I got my 15 minutes of fame, according to Andy Warhol, while chatting with that class.
Then for the end of school line-up. Where I drove the teacher crazy because the kids wanted to play with me instead of standing in their lines to wait for the bus. I had fun making them run. Wherever I aimed the camera - they ran in that direction. I've never seen so many kids want to have their picture taken!

I  didn't only visit with children, I've spent my time with the adults too! I taught English for a month at one of the local schools near the Boudha Stupa and expanded the curiosity of my friends at the monastery with a geography class. 

And, of course, my first group of students that got me back into the swing of things again. I believe the three monks that I taught English to the first month have returned to Tibet. I haven't passed them at the Stupa lately.
What does all of this make me realize?!  I have created the perfect life for myself.

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