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Oysters, wine, specialty foods and flowers. I was surrounded by hundreds of people eating and drinking along the riverfront in Bordeaux.

In the States it would be a festival of some sort, here it is a way of life. Now are you starting to understand why I love France so much?!?
Sunshine, tents covering food, and wine as far as the eye could see and hundreds of people having fun together. Ahhh, paradise!

Then we came upon my favorite of all the foodies...the shrimp cooking captain. His little boat with a grill would be the perfect accessory for an afternoon on a beach island. Wonder if I could convince him to host a island picnic, the coast is only 30 minutes away!
Every single type of dish that you could imagine had been cooked up, ready to hit the spot in our tummies.

The fun fact of the day: drinking on the job is okay here. My friends actually looked at me with shock and amazement when I laughingly pointed it out. With their eyebrow raised, they gave me a look of "you would be working in the sunshine on a busy day and not have wine available, what is wrong with you?!?"
And wine. Lots of wine. Not as much as I thought there would be considering that I am residing in the #1 wine region in the world, but bottles of wine everywhere!
Through all of the tents of food and wine, there was also the multi-tasking ability to buy up all of the fresh veggies needed for the week too.
And the smart guys were buying bouquets of flowers to take home to her.

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