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Do & Don’t for List for Visiting Bali

Be ready for your vacation in Bali!

Vacationing in Bali?!? Here are my recommendations of what to do and what not to do (or expect) when visiting here as a tourist.


  • Bring a flashlight.
  • Stay away from the animals.
  • Expect to sweat.
  • Drive on the left.
  • Learn a few basic phrases.
  • Smile…it goes so much further.
  • Buy bug repellent.
  • Use a mosquito net.
  • Use a money exchange office, but check around to get the best rate!
  • Negotiate. Divide in half and add about 10%….then you will be right on the money.
  • Bring all of the makeup that you will need.
  • Ask if you can take a picture.
  • Always carry a sarong and sash.
  • Bring an adaptor.
  • Look for the red piece of rope as a collar, dogs who have had a rabies shot are wearing it.
  • Be prepared for EVERYONE to try to sell you something or taxi you somewhere.


  • Exchange all of your money at the airport, just what you need to get where you are going.
  • Bring that huge bag of stuff with you. Divide it in half! Bring loose, comfy, lazy clothes. Girls…no heels!
  • Walk down the middle of the street (path), you will get run over!
  • Stand in the middle of a street (path), now you are really starting to look like a tourist!
  • Check-in at the first homestay you come to, look around, there are plenty.
  • Stay at a horror story of a location. Move!
  • Buy at the first place, so many shops carry the same thing that you may find a better color or price at a different place.
  • Panic if you don’t know the language, most in the larger villages will know some English.
  • Learn how to ride a scooter here, the traffic is scary and crazy!
  • Freak out when a local asks where you are staying, that is their way of exchanging pleasantries and starting a conversation with you.

Really Watch Out For…

The sidewalks are horrible in Ubud – this is the one place where you HAVE to look down when you walk!

The traffic is a nightmare in Denpasar – expect it to take you twice as long to get there!

The dogs and monkeys WILL bite (they did me) and are rabid.

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