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The sun was setting and we were late (and not just a little) heading into the city of Bordeaux to see my favorite thing in the world....fireworks. I made a suggestion and he just gave me one of those looks.

So, instead of mingling with the million or so on the Left Bank, we found the best spot ever on the Right Bank. He cleared out all of the tall grass so that I could get great shots, we opened a bottle of wine and waited.

Then the fireworks started...

Then the tide started rising...

Crazy ole me didn't even realize that we were actually standing IN the riverbed, not on the bank, until I felt water going into my shoe. I screamed in laughter as we scrambled towards dry land. The whole time I had been so entranced with the lights that I didn't notice that the tide had started rising until I water was up to my ankles and my feet were started getting cold.

I missed seeing the President of France and mingling in the crowd of millions, but I did see the fireworks over the largest lift bridge in Europe. The new Jacques Chaban-Delmas Bridge, which connects the Bastide district near the city’s wharves with Bacalan was named after the late Jacques Chaban-Delmas, who was Mayor of Bordeaux for 48 years.

What an evening. What a celebration!

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