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I looked out over the rooftops in anticipation of my early morning stroll through Bordeaux.


Everything seemed to be pointing me in the right direction. The sky was blue, the streets were empty and my camera was ready. Everything that I had studied and dreamt about in design school was waiting for me to visit come touch, feel and photograph!
For those with a weak design lovers heart, a visit here could be detrimental to your health. This is a city that is filled with detail. Layers and layers of detail that are a feast to your eyes from the moment you open the door...

Look up. I love looking up to see expected sites. Walk around with me you will be amazed at how I can look up, keep walking, take pictures, and not run over or into people or children in strollers or sign posts...
Here the gables and patterns in the stonework added such a delicacy to the large scaled buildings.

And regardless of where I started, I always ended up walking towards the Opera House. It's as though it would call my name from the winding, narrow, stone streets that I ventured. It seemed to be the gathering spot for most with a carousel, the 5-star hotel, the Vin Council building and every flavor of restaurant surrounding it. It was magnificently demanding. Ornate Doric columns drawing my eye up to a row of statues across the roof. It was an art history elevation drawing come to life for me!

Turning the corner down an alley-sized street, the convergence of the facades provided a perfect frame for the cathedral spires in the distance.  With balconies everywhere, I started searching for the most unique one that I could find. Rows and rows of the wrought iron filled the landscape.

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