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As we drove up to the Chateau I gasped in amazement.

He looked over at me as though he thought there was something wrong with me. After all, he had grown up on the vineyard and was accustomed to it. I, being the newcomer was lost in my architecture fanatic, wine-lover revelry.

The chateau had been in the family for generations. His parents well-known because of the years they had spent hand-crafting wines that won multiple medals at wine shows every year, and he making his mark in the world of the white Bordeauxs, primarily their Entre-Deux-Mers.

All of the details, from the small iron gate to the large gate built in the 1700's showed the age of layers of stories.

The windows having ornamental details that are part of the working mechanisms, just added to the details. Along with the window the boys had nicknamed "the eye.

And dormers peeked through the rooftop.

The X brackets were probably a type of structural reinforcement, yet added charm to the facade of the home.

The bell. Ohhhhh, the bell. I will admit that I was very, very, very tempted to run over and yank the chain so that I could hear it ring. However, I maintained my composure and refrained from doing so. He probably wondered why I kept staring at it.

My favorite, a casually placed item that caught my eye - a horse bit hung on the hinge of the shutter door. The "Horse & Hound" lover in me felt right at home.

The sweetest goodbye came from my new-found friend.

The chateau and vineyards evoke a history that I taste in every sip of every bottle that I tasted. It is in the little details that pull the entire family and operation together. I could see it in the expressions that they used with each other, the way Dominique talked about their home and Bernard joking with me in a language that I could hardly understand.

The wines. Just wait until I describe the wines to you. They are everything that you daydream about. I do.

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